Would you tell us about your experience with Dr. Yanovskiy? - Sure, gladly. It were like the seize as I came in with a swollen right ankle that was painful. Actually it was the whole right foot and ankle of a swollen and painful. And the doctor… We talked about what was going on, where I had a pain. He explained that it seemed I was standing a lot - obviously and I’m not sure what else have caused it, but I mean I’ve twisted itdoing something, I don’t know. But the aim that the doctor ended up, he could fit me with a brace. I worked for a number of weeks and I was coming to the doctor every Saturday. During my visitswe discussed other treatments and finally, at my last visit (my second last visit) he gave me a shot in the actual ankle where the pain was and that did trick committee was like it works whatever he does. That was perfect because after that I don’t have any pain anymore in this ankle, and this one has been going down so it’s been a really good beneficial experience. I want to say that Dr. Yanovskiy is very knowledgeable in what he does and he will explain everything to you thoroughly, until you understand it, and before you make a decision of what you want to do. And I would recommend this office to everyone who knows that he has something wrong with his feet. When you have any kind of something uncomfortable or painful or whatever – visit Dr. Yanovskiy. So my experience was really good and I would recommend this office to anyone.
Are you able to give us your experience in regards to Illinois foot and ankle clinic? - Yes. The doctor was very veryvery good, he was very accurate with a diagnosis so I had very great experience with him. My results are awesome. I would recommend it to other people. And he was veryveryvery fair and easy to get along with. I would recommend him to anybody. I have had no problem with him and I’m little nervous right now because of my voice but I recommend it for anybody. It was my Achilles heel and bone spurs and plantar fasciitis and he took care. He diagnosed my problem right away even though I knew what my head of time would I hit him. But I would recommend him to other people. He is very fair and a good doctor get along with, down jurors.
Would you please tell about your experience with Dr. Yanovskiy? - It has been a really good experience, I like the office. I came in with a bunion on my foot that was causing pain. He did the surgery, removed it, and it’s better. And I would recommend people to come and see the doctor.
Would you please provide us with your testimony about the facility of Dr. Yanovskiy? - Dr. Yanovskiy is fantastic doctor. I wouldn’t call any other foot doctor. The facility is wonderful, the people are friendly, hopeful. And I definitely recommend them. I would recommend it for anybody.
Are you able to please provide us your testimony regarding Dr. Yanovskiy in the Clinic? - Yes. I’ve been known Dr. Yanovskiy for 9 years. And he has been a good doctor, great doctor, lifesaver to me. And his staff is wonderful– so polite and they make you feel right at home. When you come too busy or you have to wait for a long time, and it get to right in and it get you out– Call for Mike,they allowed and to have a special service. They call for the truck when I need it. And it is just great here. I recommend Dr. Yanovskiy and staff to everyone here because hey, those are my buddies!
Martin M.
Very nice Doctor. I had this procedure performed in the past by a different doctor and this time around I felt that I received better care.
Sherlyn S.
Dr Yanovskiy is excellent! I was in and out in less than an hour. I would highly recommend Dr. Yanovskiy!
Edward L.
He should change his name to Doc Rocks, because he does!!
Dr. Yanovskiy is excellent! He is very very nice and listens well to what is exactly is wrong. I would highly recommend him!
The office staff took care of everything with my insurance and was very helpful throughout the process. I was able to schedule the surgery the following week.
Dr. Alexander is extremely professional with an excellent sense of humor. I've seen him several times and each time he's done the job right!
He is really a knowledgeable and supportive doctor. He patiently explained everything and gave multiple options for the treatment.
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