Modern orthopedics offers a wide range of orthopedic devices that are used, on the one hand, to treat and prevent almost any foot disease, and on the other hand, to achieve maximum comfort when wearing almost any footwear. Moreover, wearing special correctors will help to preserve the health not only of the lower limbs, but also of the entire musculoskeletal system as a whole. Let's familiarize ourselves with the types of these products and their main functions. 
Insoles: used for cushioning, shock absorption, maintaining the correct foot position and correcting the biomechanics of walking. 

  1. Supinators: used to improve the anatomical structure of the foot, prevent excessive supination or flat feet. 
  2. Calipers: used to support the heel, improve cushioning and eliminate heel pain. 
  3. Correctors: used to correct foot deformities (inserts, wedges and pelots, toe separators and correctors).
  4. Locking devices: their purpose is to fix certain segments of the foot and to hold or restrict joint movement. 
  5. Bandages: provide support and compression to the joints, ligaments and muscles of the foot, reducing stress and risk of injury. They reduce pain and swelling. 
  6. Orthotics: are special devices designed to stabilize, fix or correct deformities of the foot and joints, providing optimal support and functionality. Reduce stress on joints and ligaments. Prevent recurrence of injuries and diseases. 

Proper selection and use of orthotic devices can help you eliminate pain, improve foot function, and increase your walking comfort. 

If you have foot problems, contact Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic. The clinic's leading podiatrist, Dr. Alex Janowski, specializes in treating foot problems and will be able to help you choose the best foot corrector option for you.

Conditions Treated

Orthotic devices can help with a myriad of different foot conditions and diseases.

  • Flat feet
  • Subluxations and dislocations 
  • Plantar fasciitis 
  • Metatarsalgia (pain in the forefoot) 
  • Hyperpronation 
  • Hypersupination 
  • Valgus deformity (clubfoot) 
  • Varus deformity (beak-like foot) 
  • Impingement of the medial and lateral plantar nerve 
  • Sesamoids

Orthotic devices can significantly improve the quality of life of people with foot diseases. In combination with massage and physical therapy, they give excellent results.

Treatment Process

The treatment process with orthopedic devices usually involves several steps 

Initial consultation

  • Examination, anamnesis, diagnosis. 
  • Determination of indications and contraindications to orthopedic devices. 
  • Selection of the type of device.

Making impressions 

  • For the fabrication of customized orthopedic devices. 
  • Various methods are used: manual, optical, 3D scanning.


  • In the lab or by 3D printing. 
  • Quality assurance, customization to size.


  • Getting used to the orthopedic device. 
  • Instruction on the rules of use and care.  

Repeated consultations

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of treatment. 
  • Adjustment of the orthopedic device (if necessary).

The process of treatment and adaptation may differ depending on the type and degree of the disease and the individual characteristics of each patient. Therefore, it is important to follow the doctor's recommendations and communicate with him/her regularly throughout the treatment process.

Expected Outcomes

Expected outcomes are individualized and depend on many factors (diagnosis, age, health status).  

General outcomes that can be achieved

  • Improved mobility. 
  • Reducing pain. 
  • Prevention of further damage. 
  • Improved anatomical structure and functionality of the foot. 
  • Increased activity level and improved overall health.

It is important to select orthotic devices under the guidance of a qualified professional and follow all of their recommendations for optimal results.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic is your trusted assistant in caring for your foot health.

  • Our team is made up of certified, experienced specialists. 
  • We use a comprehensive approach and innovative modern technologies in treatment. 
  • We use only individual selection of orthotic devices tailored to your needs. 
  • The use of the latest technology allows us to customize products to fit your feet exactly. 
  • We have gained the trust and reputation of our patients, which is evidenced by numerous positive reviews.  

When you choose Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic, you can rest assured that you will receive expert care. Schedule a consultation today, and we can help you get rid of pain, and improve your walking comfort.  Tel. (847) 298-3338 Des Plaines

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