Work-related injuries 

At the Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic, we specialize in treating work-related injuries with a focus on orthopedic care. Patients from across the state seek our expertise in addressing foot and ankle injuries and related conditions. Led by Dr. Alex Yanovskiy, an experienced surgeon, our clinic provides personalized treatment plans and attentive care to facilitate recovery and well-being.

Here are some of the types of injuries the clinic helps with and recommendations for what to do after they occur.

Sprains and torn ligaments 

This is a common injury at work or in the home. It occurs when the ligaments connecting the bones in the ankle or foot area are stretched or torn as a result of sudden movements of the joint. 

Your actions: 

  • Apply cold to the ankle to reduce swelling and pain;  
  • place the foot on a raised area to improve circulation;  
  • immobilize the ankle with a bandage or support bandage.  

See your doctor for evaluation and additional recommendations.

Fractures of the bones of the foot and ankle  

Fractures can be open (when the bone breaks through the skin) or closed (when the skin is intact). A common cause of workplace accidents. 

Your actions:  

  • call an ambulance;  
  • apply cold to the fracture area;  
  • do not move the injured limb;  
  • keep the leg at rest until medical help arrives.

Injuries to the ligaments and tendons of the foot  

Includes sprains, tears, or inflammation of ligaments and tendons.  

What you should do: 

  • Apply cold and elevate the foot;  
  • immobilize the area with a bandage or supportive dressing.  

See your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. 

Injuries to the skin and nails of the foot  

These are cuts, abrasions, ingrown toenails, and other skin and nail injuries.  

Your actions: 

  • wash the wound and treat with an antiseptic;  
  • apply a dressing if necessary; 
  • if the wound is deep or infected, seek medical attention. 

Remember, when an injury occurs, it is always important to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and individualized advice.

Navigating Through Work Comp Process

There are certain steps you will need to follow in order to receive compensation for your work.

  1. Report the incident: If you have been injured in an accident at work, report it to your employer immediately. This is an important first step to start the process of getting compensation.  
  2. Get medical attention: see a doctor to evaluate your condition and begin treatment. It is important to keep all medical records and bills.
  3. Fill out the application: Get a Workers' Compensation claim form from your employer for a work-related injury at work. Fill it out carefully, giving all the necessary information about the accident and your condition.    
  4. Provide documentation: attach all medical documents, certificates, and bills to the application that prove your injury and treatment.  
  5. Submit your application: send your completed application and all required documents to the appropriate agency that processes workers' compensation. Make sure you do this within the legal deadline.  
  6. Follow the process: wait for a decision on your claim. You may need additional medical examinations or documents.  
  7. Receive compensation: If your claim is approved, you will receive compensation for loss of earnings and medical expenses.

Keep in mind that every workplace injury case is different, and you should consult with a competent attorney. He or she will help you understand the law, protect your rights and ensure that all necessary procedures are followed. 

Your Rights in the Workers' Compensation System

Worker's rights in the workers' compensation system is an important aspect that ensures fairness in compensation for workplace injuries. 

Injured workers have the right to:

  1. For medical care and rehabilitation for a work-related injury or illness. Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic provides specialized medical care for foot and lower leg injuries, and can also help restore foot function after injuries. 
  2. Eligible for compensation for loss of earnings in the event of temporary or permanent disability. Our clinic evaluates the degree of disability and provides the necessary medical documentation for compensation payments. 
  3. Entitlement to reimbursement for medical expenses related to the treatment of an injury or illness that occurred on the job. Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic assists in preparing and providing the necessary medical documentation to request compensation for medical expenses. 
  4. Right to Appeal Compensation Decisions: If you are denied compensation benefits or disagree with an insurance company's decision. We are available to provide medical expertise and testimony to support the worker in the appeal process.

The Importance of Medical Documentation for Work Comp Claims

Accurate and complete medical records are critical to the successful outcome of a case:

  • helps establish a direct link between the injury and the work activity, which is a key factor in a personal injury claim; 
  • helps determine the severity of the injury and its impact on the worker's ability to work and quality of life; 
  • reflects substantiation of medical expenses - about medical procedures, medications, and other treatment-related costs, which is necessary to support a claim for compensation for medical expenses; 
  • serves as the basis for expert testimony and opinions in court, which increases the likelihood of a favorable decision in a workers' compensation case; 
  • reduces the risk of the worker's claim being challenged by the insurance company or employer, which contributes to a faster and more successful resolution of the case.

Thus, quality medical documentation is an integral part of the process of ensuring fair reimbursement. 

How We Assist in Your Work Comp Case

Illinois Foot & Ankle Clinic provides important services to support clients in their personal injury case.  

  1. We provide diagnosis, medical care, and rehabilitation programs. We develop individualized treatment and rehabilitation plans for each patient. 
  2. We help patients gather the necessary medical documentation to file a personal injury claim.  
  3. Our experts counsel patients on their rights and responsibilities in the compensation system.  
  4. We work with attorneys to provide our patients with qualified legal assistance. 

Your health is our priority, and we are here to help you if you have been injured at work. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and treatment.

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